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The Book

Chapter 1: The Ancient Greek Paradigm
Chapter 2: From Hesiod to Aristotle

Chapter 3: From Middle Platonism to Neo–Platonism
Chapter 4: The Christian/Neo–Platonist Era
Chapter 5: The Early Christian Paradigm
Chapter 6: The Holy Roman Empire
Chapter 7: The Enlightened Self
Chapter 8: Quantum Mechanics and Absolute Truth
Chapter 9: Implications of the Modern Paradigm
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts on Cooperation

Excerpts from Reality
“The early Church saw humanity’s willful exercise of humility as the only reliable path to salvation.”
Chapter 4: The Christian/Neo-Platonist Era


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About the Author
Ron's life has been an unending struggle to reconcile such contradictions, and this book represents the culmination of that struggle, bringing together his thoughts on how rational people can completely interpret “reality” in mutually exclusive ways.

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